Access the PARK database offline

The whole PARK online database is also available as an offline version to use in locations without internet connection. You can download the entire website and database on your USB key or hard disk to access tools and guidance wherever you want. You will also be able to refresh your portable PARK to update your version to include the latest additions shared by other users around the world.
Use the PARK offline database in 4 steps
1. Download

Click here to download the PARK offline database (965Mb)

2. Install
Unzip the file on a USB key or in a folder on your hard disk.
3. Launch
Windows: double-click on Run PARK database on Windows
Mac OSX: double-click on Run PARK database on MacOS X 
(Mac OS 9.x and higher)
4. Access
You can now browse and search the offline database, similar to the online version.
Update your PARK offline database
You can update your offline database anytime you want by connecting to the internet, launching the PARK offline database from your USB key or hard disk, clicking on update and following the update procedure.
If you experience problems starting or updating your PARK offline database, it is most certainly due to restrictions of your firewall or antivirus.
Please allow the PARK offline database application to go through your firewall and try changing your antivirus security settings.
If you still experience problems, those may be caused by restrictions of your local network. Please contact your local network or IT administrator.